Sweet Potato “Fries” with Basil-Yogurt Dip


As I made a Sweet Potato Puree a few days back with the same ingredients (Sweet potatoes & Rosemary: because both are immunity boosting!) I thought that they would also be super nice together as a french fries version. As these are baked with healthy olive oil and not fried, they will be less crispy,… 

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Healthy Ice Cream


This “dessert” is just perfect to wind down a busy weekend. It’s tastes so fruity, delicious – but doesn’t make you feel bad, as it only contains ingredients that are good for you – and it’s purely yoghurt-based! This recipe contains following Superfood: Greek Yoghurt. Ingredients (for 1 portion) 7oz (=200g) Greek yoghurt (2% fat… 

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