Healthy Ice Cream


This “dessert” is just perfect to wind down a busy weekend. It’s tastes so fruity, delicious – but doesn’t make you feel bad, as it only contains ingredients that are good for you – and it’s purely yoghurt-based! This recipe contains following Superfood: Greek Yoghurt. Ingredients (for 1 portion) 7oz (=200g) Greek yoghurt (2% fat… 

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Home-flavored Greek Yoghurt

Home-flavoured Greek Yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt is usually referred to as one of the Superfoods. However, this is only true for the plain version, as the flavored Greek yoghurts you can buy in the supermarkets, very often come with a lot of white sugar, artificial sweeteners, colorants, etc. But don’t you just crave a fruit yoghurt sometimes? Of course… 

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