Brown Rice California Hand Roll

Brown Rice California Roll

The California is my absolute favorite Sushi Roll. I was told that it’s not really traditionally Japanese, but each time I go to have Japanese food, I must have a California Roll. The best California Rolls I have ever eaten by the way, are served at Doraku Japanese restaurant in Miami. They chop the crab… 

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Thai Brown Fried Rice

Brown Thai Fried Rice

Thai Fried Rice is probably one of the most popular dishes coming out of Thailand. And I noticed it was also usually the safe choice for tourists traveling in Thailand, when all the other dishes sounded too scary or were way too spicy. And yes, I can relate to Thai food being really spicy! But… 

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Bamboo Roll


There is quite some history related to this recipe! When I was at University, I had a Vietnamese roommate who introduced me to Fresh Vietnamese spring rolls. The first time we prepared them in our student kitchen, I was really amazed by their taste and and how fresh and light they were. Over the years… 

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