Quinoa pancakes with Super-Berry sauce


Hello there, it’s Sunday again! And it’s been ages since I made pancakes for the last time on a Sunday, probably mostly because we were anxious to hit the beach in the morning or went out for brunch in a restaurant with the many guests we had been hosting over the past weeks. But today,… 

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Brazilian soul and an Açai bowl


Hello, happy Sunday beautiful people! Finally, here a small summary of my trip to Brazil that I did in the end of August! As we didn’t do so much sight seeing this time, I’ll keep it focused on my (super)food discoveries 😉 In my opinion, Brazil is a country where the local cuisine already naturally incorporates… 

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Peruvian Delights, Quinoa and Heights

Quinoa soup

Last week, I had the chance to travel to Peru – for a trip that I have been dreaming of for a while – to Machu Picchu! I had announced it and spoken about some travel preparations I was doing in an earlier post. I was super excited for the trip, on one hand, because… 

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Preparing for Machu Picchu

Coconut Noodles ingredients

This weekend I have been working on some recipes, as part of my preparation for the trips I will be going on over the next two weeks. I am very excited! I will spend one week for work in Brazil and the other one in Peru, but this later one for vacation. We will finally… 

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Famous Fruit Ceviche

Ceviche salad

To be honest, I actually don’t know how to make “real” Ceviche. After having moved to Miami, I started to discover Peruvian restaurants. In Switzerland – where I used to live before – we didn’t really have any of them. And Ceviche is something I really got hooked with. It’s such a refreshing and amazingly… 

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