Black Eyed Peas Salad


I was inspired by this recipe through a friend. She made this salad for a BBQ at one of our friend’s place. Before I tried her salad, I have never eaten Black Eyed Peas before – nor did I even know that they existed! I always thought they are this Β band with the great music!… 

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Watermelon-Cucumber salad


Yes, I admit, this is really sort of a summer recipe! Sorry….but in Miami it’s just never really winter and you can have fresh watermelons all-year round… I thought of making this, because I just was craving something really fresh! Watermelon and cucumber are among the Top 10 Hydrating foods – so they were perfect… 

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Layered Quinoa Cup


Now this is a recipe that looks quite cool, but is in the same time so easy to make! And it’s super good for you too, low fat, full of fiber, great fats and protein. In fact, the entire cup is only made up with Superfood ingredients! This dish contains following 5 Superfoods: Quinoa Avocado… 

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Salmon Avocado Trio


Finally a recipe with Salmon! Salmon is known as a great source of omega-3 fats, and of course, it’s just delicious! A few weeks back, I had this amazing salmon tartar while having a drink with a few girlfriends from work – and yes, this is another recipe inspired by a restaurant in Miami! πŸ˜‰… 

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Famous Fruit Ceviche

Ceviche salad

To be honest, I actually don’t know how to make “real” Ceviche. After having moved to Miami, I started to discover Peruvian restaurants. In Switzerland – where I used to live before – we didn’t really have any of them. And Ceviche is something I really got hooked with. It’s such a refreshing and amazingly… 

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