Raw Vegan Mini Cheesecakes


After I discovered the amazing and super yummy vegan alternative to cheese – the cashew “cheese” (I used it as a topping for my Beet & Sweet Potato salad) – I wanted to test it for cheesecake as well. I saw a couple of interesting recipes online and decided to give it a try by… 

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Vegan Pistachio Christmas Cookies


Hello there! Wow, I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas!! 4 more days to go – I hope you are all ready and set, with all gifts purchased, Christmas tree bought, etc.? Well, one important part of the Christmas preparations for me was always to bake cookies. We would help my mother when we were little… 

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Quinoa flakes and banana pancakes


Another really awesome side effect of being on a journey to become a Superfoodie is all the many cool ingredients I have been discovering over the past weeks and months. I especially love to wander around a Wholefoods store for example – it’s my Happy Place! Yeah, maybe I’m a weird girl as I don’t… 

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Oat-Cacao Pancakes and 10 Questions for me


Hi good night, this is a spontaneous post, as my dear friend Scarlett from the most amazing blog Fork and Flower has asked me to share a few things about myself and well, I am feeling chatty tonight, so I am happy to comply with her request πŸ˜‰ But, oh well, first let me tell… 

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Vegan Blueberry Muffins


As I am getting more and more into this journey of cooking with Superfoods, I also came across many vegan recipes. Originally, it was not my intention to do specifically vegetarian or vegan recipes, but the many vegan recipe ideas just got me curious. So I wanted to try to make a completely vegan muffin…. 

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Blueberry-Flax Scone

Bluberry-Flax Scones

Yumm…another Blueberry recipe. I told you, there are one of my favorite Superfoods! πŸ˜‰ And they are even more delicious in baked goods! These scones are the American type of scones, in triangular shape. English scones are rather round. Nevertheless, I added some ground flax seeds to the original recipe from Martha Stewart’s site, to… 

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Millet Flax Porridge


As I had some left-over millet, I used it again this morning and added some milk to it, to create a wonderful porridge! A super nutritious meal to start off the day. This recipe contains 3 kinds of Superfoods: Millet Flaxseeds Goji berries Ingredients: Cooked millet Flaxseeds (preferably ground) Milk Bananas Goji berries (dried) Agave… 

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