An Ode to Peppermint: Mint patties and other minty treats


The other day, I came across a really interesting link about the health benefits of herbs. There were various herbs listed and it was incredible to see how all of them have great health benefits for you (unfortunately, I forgot to save it!). It reminded me of ancient healing methods, where natural herbs were widely used…. 

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Healthy Beverages Recipes and Glass Dharma Glass Straws (Product review)


Hey there, a couple of weeks back, I was asked by Glass Dharma if I would like to do a product review for their glass straws. As I have seen them before and found them really beautiful, I  agreed to do it. It’s my first product review, so hope you don’t mind, and I promise,… 

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Home-made Vitamin Waters


Hi everyone, I hope you all started the new week well! So something we should always remember (besides eating healthy superfoods on a regular basis 😉 ) is to stay hydrated throughout the day. Even though this might seem rather like a recipe for the summer, I think it’s also quite useful for the winter… 

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Avocado Smoothie


The first time I got offered an Avocado Smoothie was when I traveled to Indonesia for work a few years ago. I just thought…ewww…are you kidding me? Avocado? Smoothie? No, thanks, I only know Avocado in Guacamole-format, which is rather something savory. But well, a brave and open-minded traveler that I usually try to be,… 

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Breakfast smoothie


Happy Monday everyone! Off to a new week! If you are not so much of a Breakfast type, you might want to try this tasty smoothie that is packed with so many important nutrients, like protein, fiber, omega 3 and antioxidants. The good thing about smoothies is that they are super fast to prepare and… 

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