Mug Cake (or: the 5-minute cake)


This is another recipe I just had to try, because I was soooo curious! I couldn’t believe this would actually work. I saw a couple of inspirations on instagram for mug cakes and I decided to give it a try finally. I based my creation on Amy’s recipe as she posted a picture of her creation… 

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Cacao Energy Bites


These little bites were an experiment in an attempt to recreate an amaaaazing raw snack bar that I bought a few days back at a health food store. It was a raw chocolate-lemon bar and it tasted divine! So I scraped together some healthy ingredients from my Superfood pantry and I bought some fresh lemon… 

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Lemon-Rosemary muffins


I made these muffins a few weeks back, as still had a pack of fresh rosemary at home, which I used to cook my sweet potatoes with. A few days earlier, I had come across an amazing looking recipe for a lemon-rosemary cake – and I was intrigued! I thought that the same dough would… 

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Home-made chocolate cups


The inspiration for these delicious chocolate cups came from a couple of instagram accounts that I follow. A few of them feature mainly vegan recipes and last week, many of them were posting these amazing, mouthwatering pictures of home-made vegan chocolate. As a (dark) chocolate lover, I just had to give it a try! Moreover,… 

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Happy Halloween Recipe: Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes


Happy Halloween friends! 😉 In case you are planning a Halloween party or get-together tonight or this weekend, maybe this could be a last-minute idea for a dessert for your guests! Or actually, it fits to any falll-type of events! Because it’s not really scary or so 😉 And yes, I admit, this recipe is… 

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Healthy Chocolate Mousse – 3 variations


Hi, Happy Friday! 😉 Have you ever tried to make those healthy chocolate mousses and puddings that I see pop up on the web and instagram all over the place now? I tried my first batch about a months ago – and was hooked. My goodness, it tasted soooo amazingly, surprisingly good! Even though I… 

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Vegan Blueberry Muffins


As I am getting more and more into this journey of cooking with Superfoods, I also came across many vegan recipes. Originally, it was not my intention to do specifically vegetarian or vegan recipes, but the many vegan recipe ideas just got me curious. So I wanted to try to make a completely vegan muffin…. 

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Brazilian soul and an Açai bowl


Hello, happy Sunday beautiful people! Finally, here a small summary of my trip to Brazil that I did in the end of August! As we didn’t do so much sight seeing this time, I’ll keep it focused on my (super)food discoveries 😉 In my opinion, Brazil is a country where the local cuisine already naturally incorporates… 

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Sugar-free, no-cook Chia Pudding and other amazing things you can do with Chia


When I started to cook with Superfoods, Chia was one of the most amazing discoveries I made. I have heard of Quinoa before and I even ate it, but I never came across Chia, while living in Europe. But while learning about the best Superfoods, I came across this incredible, little seeds that seems to… 

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Honey-Oat treats

Honey Oat treats

Hi! Happy Monday again! I just came back from my vacation to Brazil and Peru and I will share some (Super)food discovery stories about the trip shortly. It was amazing – and indeed full of culinary inspiration and discoveries as I had hoped for. See below some examples of interesting foods I could get to… 

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Blueberry Clafouti with Buckwheat


I always thought Clafouti was a dessert from the mountain region of Switzerland, but actually it is of French origin! I had to come all the way to the US and watch a show on foodnetwork TV to learn this 😉 But well, as the French are known for their amazing cuisine, their sweets and… 

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Blueberry-Flax Scone

Bluberry-Flax Scones

Yumm…another Blueberry recipe. I told you, there are one of my favorite Superfoods! 😉 And they are even more delicious in baked goods! These scones are the American type of scones, in triangular shape. English scones are rather round. Nevertheless, I added some ground flax seeds to the original recipe from Martha Stewart’s site, to… 

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Raspberry-Yoghurt Muffins

Raspberry-Yoghurt muffin

Another attempt in baking. After the Buckwheat-Banana-Walnut muffins and the Olive-Chia Muffins had turned out really well, I tried to make another sweet muffin. However, I replaced some of the butter from the original recipe with Greek yoghurt to make it lighter. While in the savory muffins I had used olive oil instead of butter to… 

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Mediterranean Olive-Chia muffins

Olive-Chia muffins

A few weeks back, I re-started baking after not having done it for a while, because I always thought baked goods just aren’t that good for you. But they actually can be a good treat for you, like the Buckwheat-Banana-Walnut muffins I made a few weeks back. I also bought a muffin pan in the… 

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Healthy Ice Cream


This “dessert” is just perfect to wind down a busy weekend. It’s tastes so fruity, delicious – but doesn’t make you feel bad, as it only contains ingredients that are good for you – and it’s purely yoghurt-based! This recipe contains following Superfood: Greek Yoghurt. Ingredients (for 1 portion) 7oz (=200g) Greek yoghurt (2% fat… 

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