Sweet Potato-Millet Gnocchi with Maple-Sage Butter and 1 Year Blog Anniversary!

Hi all! So, I am finally back to blogging and I made it – my blog just turned 1 year! Unbelievable how fast time passes, a bit more than 52 weeks and 103 blog posts later, here I still am! I have to admit, the frequency of posts decreased a bit with time, but I believe it was also important to find a sustainable way of blogging in order to to keep this small space up and running.

And probably you have noticed that I was gone for a good month, but I needed this time to move my blog to self-hosting and also make some layout changes. My talented friend Marcello from Studio Pinzon 17 in Rio de Janeiro Brazil did most of the amazing customization and design work. I simply love it – thanks again Marcello! 😉


To celebrate this special milestone, I am going to share with you, well, of course a new recipe (see teaser image above :-) ) and also a round-up of some of my favorite recipes from the past year – well, or maybe I should say, recipes that use the Superfood Quinoa, because it has become really THE key staple in my kitchen over the past year, no lastly due to is high versatility – you can basically put quinoa into everything and every dish! And it comes in different forms too, as grains, flour and flakes!

My favorite recipes with Quinoa:


Quinoa Pancakes with Superberry Sauce


Tofu Satay with Cilantro Quinoa


Quinoa Tabouleh


Quinoa-Amaranth Burger with Miso sauce


Zucchini-Quinoa Fritters


Lemongrass Infused Quinoa Soup

It’s super versatile, right? You can make anything with it, from a soup to a salad, an entree and even a sweet breakfast – gotta love Quinoa!

And well, what else, oh yes, today’s recipe. I made a very pretty dish to celebrate the special occasion. Yep, I went all in: I made gnocchi! I know, sounds scary and like a lot of work, but it honestly just took me a bit over an hour, the whole process from roasting the potatoes to digging into this divine dish (incl. taking the pictures!!).

Please bear with me if these gnocchi don’t look as pretty as your store-bought or restaurant gnocchi, but I was a bit in a hurry and I had some trouble making the pattern with the fork. But the most important thing I believe is the taste – and these tasted just fantastic, believe me! The sweet potato, the maple syrup and the sage combined so well together!


Sweet-Potato-Gnocchi-2 Sweet-Potato-Gnocchi-5 Sweet-Potato-Gnocchi-4

I think it is a perfect weekend recipe, therefore, I’ll be also bringing this over to my friend Angie’s party, Fiesta Friday 28 over at the Novice Gardener (wow, it’s already the 28th edition!). Thank you so much to Margot and Saucy for co-hosting this week. Oh, how I missed the party, seriously, Angie and all my other friends over there have been whipping up dishes in the past week and I was left here drooling, so I can’t wait to be back this week! And I am determined to blog at least once a week again!

Oh yes, and as some of you have asked me about moving to self-hosting and layout customization when I announced the plan – so please feel free to shoot me any questions, I’ll try to help as it was a bit challenging at times 😉

This recipe is adapted from Giada de Laurentiis recipe that is published on the Food Network website.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Maple-Sage Butter
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Delicious gluten-free sweet potato gnocchi with a flavorful maple-butter glaze.
Recipe type: Entree
Cuisine: Italian
Serves: 2
  • For the gnocchi
  • 2 medium sweet potatoes
  • ⅓ cup ricotta cheese (I used ricotta with skim milk to save on some calories)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • A pinch of pepper
  • ⅔ cup millet flour (or any other flour that would substitute all-purpose flour) and an additional ⅓ cup for when forming the rolls
  • For the maple-sage butter
  • ⅛ stick of butter (or vegetable oil for even healthier alternative)
  • 10 fresh sage leaves, thoroughly rinsed
  • ½ teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 tbsp pure maple syrup
  • ½ teaspoon salt
  • ¼ teaspoon pepper
  1. Heat your oven to 400°F (= 200° C) and bake the sweet potatoes for about 30 minutes or until soft, let them cool down if possible
  2. Carefully scrape out the sweet potato flash from the skin and put into a bowl
  3. Add ricotta cheese, salt, cinnamon, pepper and mix well to combine all ingredients evenly
  4. Add the millet flour gradually, until you have a easy to form dough, it should be neither too wet nor too dry
  5. If you have time, let chill in the fridge for about 1 hour, it will make the dough more firm and easier to work with, but if you can't no problem either
  6. Cover your working surface with some additional flour to prevent sticking
  7. Take about ¼ of the dough and roll into a 2-finger-thick roll, then cut into about half-finger long pieces, carefully press your fork onto them to create the typical "gnocchi look"
  8. Set the finished gnocchi aside on a plate or baking tray, repeat the previous steps until all gnocchi have been formed
  9. Heat up some water until it cooks, carefully drop gnocchi inside and cook until done (gnocchi will float on the surface when done)
  10. Drain the water from the pot and let gnocchi dry a bit
  11. In a pan, heat up the butter, add sage leaves, cinnamon, maple syrup, salt and pepper, then add the gnocchi and sauté until golden brown
  12. Serve right away and enjoy!





    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Hahha, oh no! 😉 Really, you can’t find the sweet potato? Do you know batata baroa (or something like that)? It’s also a type of potato I think, I had it last time when I was in Rio, as a mash, so good! 😉 hugs

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Dear Deena, thanks so much for your kind words and the continuous support! Glad to be back too! Really appreciate you stopping by! big hug

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thanks so much dear Ngan! And so nice to see you around! It’s been a while! Totally have to catch up on a lot of things! 😉 Hope you are doing good and thanks for all the support! hugs

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thank you so much dear, so happy you liked the new layout! 😉 Oh yes, I love to put flowers on my food, unfortunately, these edible ones are hard to buy and a bit pricey, but every time I get them, I make sure to use them on every plate I make 😉 I don’t eat them though, although they are edible 😉

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thank you so much dear for your kind words! Yes, millet is really great! For what do you use millet for, I am curious? 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by! hugs

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thank you so much dear Juju! It’s the first time I made gnocchi and I was surprised it’s not that difficult – just a lot of steps and work. 😉 But it’s worth it. Thank you for your visit, really appreciate it!

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thank you so much dear Margot for your kind words! And thanks so much for doing such a fantastic job as co-host for the FF. I am so glad I was back this week! hugs

  1. saucygander says

    Sylvia! Great to see you at Fiesta Friday, and happy blogoversary! I can’t believe you’ve only been blogging for a year, because you have posted so many amazing recipes. The gnocchi is too pretty for words, thank you for sharing this recipe with Fiesta Friday!

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Aw, thanks so much Saucy, you are too sweet! 😉 Yes, it feels like a lot has happened in the past year, but then again, it went by so fast too! So happy to be back to the FF too – and thanks for co-hosting again this week! big hug

  2. apsara says

    Congratulations on your move and the anniversary, Sylvia. The blog looks beautiful as ever. Never made gnocchi, but I have surely got to try your recipe, sounds delicious!

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thank you so much dear for your lovely comments! 😉 I actually also made gnocchi for the first time here, and was surprised how easy it was, you should definitely give it a try! 😉 hugs & thanks for stopping by!

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thank you so much dear! 😉 Time flies when you are enjoying it! And thanks for the always continuous support! So great to have connected with you through blogging! hugs

  3. chefjulianna says

    Wow Sylvia! I just love the new look of your blog! It is so professional looking. Congrats on your 1 year. Mine is today too! I didn’t realize that we had started at the same time.

    I just love the look of this recipe. Your photos are completely drool worthy! 😀

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thank you so much dear Julianna, always lovely to see you! 😉 Oh wow, so cool, congrats to your blog anniversary too! So nice we started at the same time! Thanks for the photo comment, means a lot coming from you, as I totally adore your photos!! big hug, Sylvia

  4. MyKabulKitchen says

    I love your new layout, very modern and fresh looking! This dish’s title makes my mouth water, and the pictures are just too lovely! Thank you for sharing this unique dish and combination, I have never been a fan of potatoes so I have never went out of my way to make gnocchi, but as I love sweet potatoes this is tempting to try :-)

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thank you so much dear Andrea! I am so happy you liked the new layout! Great, let me know if you try the recipes and if you liked them, they are slightly sweet and you can taste a hint of the cinnamon, yum 😉 hugs

  5. Hilda says

    Congratulations on your blog anniversary. Your new format is lovely and what a way to start your second year. Those gnocchi look so good!

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thank you so much dear Hilda for your kind comment! And so glad to have met you over the last year! You were one of the first bloggers I got in touch with! Thanks for your visit & wish you a great weekend! Sylvia

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thank you so much dear Stacey! So glad you liked the new layout and the recipe! 😉 hugs

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thanks so much for stopping by Kirsten! 😉 It really fits perfectly together, it’s slightly sweet and you can also taste the cinnamon! hugs, Sylvia

  6. annainternational says

    Wow! What a post! First of all, a celebration of all things quinoa is always fine by me, second, your layout looks superb (I am thinking of moving to self-hosting in the autumn, would appreciate any hints!), and last but by no means least, happy blogoversary! A whole year is such an achievement, and your blog is going from strength to strength it seems. Hope to see you at the party again next week!

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thank you so much Anna for this kind comment! 😉 Quinoa is really great, isn’t it!
      I am glad you stopped by so I could discover your cool blog – really great content!!
      Yes, just ping me anytime you have a question about the self-hosting thing. For the move itself, I used the guided transfer though, through WordPress, so I didn’t do all the manual work myself, but I can give you some advice around the host, etc. Thanks again for stopping by!

  7. Aditi says

    Love the layout, Sylvia! We moved to self-hosting a few months ago and know what that 1 month of work means. Love the clean layout. Happy blogiversary too! Wonderful way to celebrate and bring in the new look. And what a wonderful roundup. I must admit, you have got us eating quinoa quite regularly now! The gnocchi looks perfect too and what is even better is that it is a recipe for two- so good for us! :)

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thank you so much Aditi!! So happy you liked the new layout! 😉 It’s quite a mission, right the move to self-hosting?? I am so glad it’s over! But I am also glad I did it, because it gives you so much more options – not that I am ready to use them all.
      So great you are eating quinoa regularly, it’s really good for you! 😉 Heading over now to your blog to see what you brought along this week! hugs, Sylvia

  8. Kaila511 says

    I’m so glad to meet you after your month away, and your blog layout is beautiful! I love the presentation and what an interesting way to use sweet potatoes. Happy bloggerversary!

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Hi Kaila, so nice to meet you too and thanks for your kind comment! 😉 Love your blog too! I am always in search of gluten-free recipes, so your blog is such a great resource! Happy we connected! hugs, Sylvia

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thank you so much for your kind comment! So happy you liked the blog and the gnocchi! Yes, sweet potatoes are definitely a great alternative to the usual ones and they have a slightly more orange color! Thanks so much for visiting!! Will head over to your blog now too!

  9. lapetitecasserole says

    Here you are! Sylvia this new “face” of the blog is amazing, seriously. Everything seems to be very light and elegant, exactly I’m sure you are. Love your gnocchi (even them seem to be elegant!), what a original addition the maple sage! This is official my plate with gnocchi from Italy and maple syrup from Canada!

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Thank you so much dear Margherita for your kind comment! Means a lot to me that you think the gnocchi are elegant! After all, you are Italian and do know!!! Oh yes, and what a great catch, it’s indeed an Italian-Canadian dish with the gnocchi and maple syrup, perfect, I haven’t even thought about it! 😉 Thanks for visiting and always love what you are posting every week, always looking forward to the mail 😉 hugs, Sylvia

  10. strictlydelicious says

    We missed you, Sylvia! Sooo happy to see you back! That transition is a crazy one, right? But now we’re theme twins! I loooove homemade sweet potato gnocchi, but I didn’t use ricotta in my gnocchi or maple in my sage butter! I love your gluten-free twist! And those stunning flowers!

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Hi Lina, thanks so much for your lovely visit! 😉 Oh, I just checked your blog, lol, yes, we are theme twins! Isn’t Foodie just fantastic and simply perfect for a food blog?? Yes, the transition was quite a mission and I am glad it’s done now. But I am happy I did it, as it gives you so much more option with a self-hosted blog, plus I am in love with the recipe index that the theme provides.
      Looking forward to be in touch with you too!! hugs, Sylvia

  11. CakePants says

    Wow! So many things: first, I love your new layout – it looks fantastic! Second, these gnocchi look simply *divine*. I’ve never made gnocchi before, but I’m looking forward to giving this a try – the photos look beautiful :) And third, happy first blogiversary! I had no idea ours were so close together (mine was just earlier this week). Looking forward to many more delicious recipes from you in the future!

    • Sylvia @superfoodista.com says

      Aw, thank you so much for your super kind comment!!! 😉 I am really glad you liked the new layout, it was quite a process, haha 😉 Oh, and congrats to your blog anniversary too! How exciting – and I am sorry I missed it since I didn’t visit the Worpress Reader so regularly lately….looking forward to keep in touch with you too and getting inspired!! 😉 big hug, Sylvia