Healthy Beverages Recipes and Glass Dharma Glass Straws (Product review)

Hey there, a couple of weeks back, I was asked by Glass Dharma if I would like to do a product review for their glass straws. As I have seen them before and found them really beautiful, I  agreed to do it. It’s my first product review, so hope you don’t mind, and I promise, it also comes with some recipe ideas of course 😉 – it wouldn’t be a real Superfoodista blog post otherwise!


Glass Dharma glass straws are sustainable, reusable, durable, easy to clean, suitable for hot and cold drinks and dishwasher safe. Glass Dharma states that using glass for straws provides one solution to reduce use of plastic and thus having them end up in landfills and oceans. On top of that, they are also hand-made in the USA. Glass Dharma offers a Lifetime guarantee against breakage of the straws, which made me test their durability. I let all of them drop from significant height onto a concrete floor – and they really didn’t break, so I can assure you they are really as durable as the company states :-)

These are the products I tested (from left to right):

  • Decorative Dot (Green) 9.5 mm x 9″
  • Simple Elegance 12 mm x 9″
  • Simple Elegance 9.5 mm x 6.25″
  • Beautiful Bend 9.5 mm x 9″
  • Cleaning Brush 3/8″


And now to the pretty part of the blog post: Images of the drinks I served with the glass straws! :-)

Orange Juice with Beautiful Bend 9.5 mm x 9″

Simple, fresh orange juice served with the Beautiful Bend glass straw.


Smoothies Duo

The yellow one, I made for Mr. Superfoodista, which is banana, passionfruit pulp, mango, 1 tbsp honey and reduced fat milk, served with Beautiful Bend 9.5 mm x 9″. The Green one was for me, with spinach, apple, ginger, 1/4 mango, coconut water and honey, served with  the Decorative Dot (Green) 9.5 mm x 9″.


Green smoothie

The recipe is 1/2 frozen banana, 1/2 mango, 1 cup orange juice, handful spinach and a splash of coconut milk, served with Simple Elegance 9.5 mm x 6.25″ and topped with superfoods, like pomegranate seeds, chia seeds and hemp seeds! I like how you can see what you drink through the straw! 😉

Green-smoothie-and-strawbs Green-smoothie-and-strawbs-2

Vitamin Water

To make home-made vitamin waters, you just add fresh fruits and herbs and let steep for a while, in this case, I added fresh mint leaves, lime slices and fresh strawberry pieces. The vitamin water was served with  Decorative Dot (Green) 9.5 mm x 9″.


Mint Iced Tea

To make flavored Iced Tea, you can follow the similar principle like for vitamin waters, just add the fresh herbs to the cold tea and let steep in the fridge for a while. This is a black iced tea with fresh mint leaves and some slices of fresh lime, served with Decorative Dot (Green) 9.5 mm x 9″..


And lastly…

Valentine’s Smoothie

I made this smoothie for Valentine’s Day! The first layer is 1/2 frozen banana, a handful fresh strawberries and some coconut milk, the top layer is frozen pineapple, 1/2 fresh mango and some coconut water, topped with a pomegranate seeds heart! The straw I drank it with was the Simple Elegance 9.5 mm x 6.25″.



I really loved to drink my drink with Glass Dharma glass straws, the beverages taste good, they don’t become “soggy” like paper straws and I love that they are reusable. They are also super easy to clean, and in case they are a bit more dirty, you can use the cleaning brush to clean them. I would definitely recommend them!

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Vitamin Water with Give Away

Note: All the comments above are purely based on my own opinion, I did not get paid by Glass Dharma to write it, I only received their product for review, which fully convinced me of their quality! 😉 Thanks for reading!!


  1. x box live says

    Incredible! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a entirely different topic but
    it has pretty much the same layout and design.
    Wonderful choice of colors!

  2. Serena says

    This reminds me of a fabulous avocado shake from Brazil called ‘la vitamina,’ or ‘the vitamin.’ It’s the flesh of one avocado, a tablespoon or so of sugar and 1/3 cup of whole milk subjected to an immersion blender for a minute. It’s as delicious as your photograph looks!

    • Sylvia says

      Hi Serena, yes, I know the “vitamina”. My fiance is actually from Rio and he always asks for a “banana vitamina” in the morning :-) I am out smoothie maker in the morning! Avocado is really great as a smoothie, I would have never thought of it before trying it for the first time in Brazil! I always made guacamole with avocado! :-) Thanks for stopping by and your kind comment! Sylvia

    • Sylvia says

      Thank you so much Shirley! 😉 Wow, stainless steel straws sounds very interesting!! What is the name of the brand? But yes, definitely check out the glass straws as well, I really liked them and the drinks taste very good! 😉 hugs, Sylvia

    • Sylvia says

      Thank you so much Julianna! So happy you liked it! I am very much obsessed with decorating my smoothies…hehhe 😉 Yes, and it’s great those straws are reusable, plus they feel great, don’t become soggy, etc. I can definitely recommend them 😉 Thanks for stopping by!

    • Sylvia says

      Thank you so much Fae! Yes, I was also reluctant to use straws, I drink my smoothies directly from the glass, but it’s somehow almost “tastier” with the straw and cleaner too 😉 I really like them now, and yes, they are really easy to clean, most, of the time you don’t even need the brush!
      Thanks so much my dear for stopping by and your kind comment! Sylvia

    • Sylvia says

      Thank you so much Patty for your kind words 😉 Wow, that’s really good of you that you are having a green smoothie daily! I still try to make it a habit, but sometimes I just need something more “fruity” 😉 They also have really thick straws for thicker drinks.
      These were challenging to photograph, because you need to have some back light, to make the straws shine, but then the front becomes dark. Unfortunately, I saw your use of the white boards too late, I should have placed some in front to lighten it up – next time 😉
      Thanks for stopping by & big hug to you!

  3. stacilys says

    Hahaha. I had to smile when I read “Mr. Foodista’s” smoothy. Very, but very Brazilian – Banana, Mango and Passion fruit. As for me, I’m going with the green smoothy.

    • Sylvia says

      Lol, Staci! 😉 I know, it was a very Brazilian combination! 😉 Usually, as I mentioned to you, I make the banana vitamina, but it was weekend, so I mixed it up a bit and added some mango and passion fruit too, because those are two fruits he really likes 😉 I miss the fresh passion fruit that you can have in Brazil though, they also make really nice Caipisake with it! 😉

        • Sylvia says

          Oh, you never heard of Caipisake? It’s a modification of the caipirinha, they use sake instead of cachaça! and then they also add fruits, etc. Maybe it’s something they do in the South and bigger cities, I saw them in Rio and São Paulo, but not really when I was visiting Bahia. hugs to you! 😉

          • stacilys says

            Hey Sylvia. I figured that “Caipisake” was a cocktail sort of speak. The “Cai” gave it away. I knew it must have been a take off of the “Caipirinha”. Never heard of it actually. Could be that it’s more of a Rio/SP thing, or maybe tourist city thing.
            Blessings =)

  4. tinywhitecottage says

    I immediately liked the idea of glass straws! It’s great they come with a little brush for cleaning. We make smoothies everyday and I’m the only one who always has to use a straw. I’m going to look into these…great post and fabulous looking smoothies too!

    • Sylvia says

      Thank you so much dear for this kind comment! I never used to use a straw to drink my smoothies – but now I always do! They taste so good with these straws! :-) Let me know if you have any questions concerning these. It seems the company ships world-wide! Thanks for stopping by today! :-)

    • Sylvia says

      Thank you so much for this kind comment dear! :-) Yes, these straws work for hot and cold beverages and they are really super stable, I dropped them on a concrete floor and they didn’t break…you can even throw them into the dish washer, really amazing :-) Thanks for stopping by & hugs to you!

    • Sylvia says

      Thank you my dear! Yes, it’s a little obsession of mine to decorate my smoothies :-) It’s really so fun! Plus, you can top them with a lot of additional superfoods and enhance like that their nutritional value even more! :-) Thanks so much for stopping by! hugs, Sylvia

  5. Sofia says

    If all those seeds didn’t clog the straws, its great! Apart from the main subject here (straws), what amazing drinks and smoothies you make!

  6. Darya says

    What a great idea; I have always hated straws, they always seemed like an useless way of creating so much waste. But glass straws. I love the idea! Especially now that I have started making smoothies on a daily basis, and sometimes twice a day. I wonder whether we can find them in France!

    • Sylvia says

      Hello Darya, thank you so much for your kind comment :-) Yes, I also never used straws, because I didn’t find them convenient, they were more a decoration. But these are really great and the big upside of course is that they are reusable as many time as you want. I am not sure where they sell them in France, but they do ship world-wide, so you can check it out. The shopping costs are a bit higher though, around $9 for a pair of straws. Let me know if you have any other questions :-) Thanks for stopping by! hugs

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